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New Earth Goddess Connection ~ Feminine Awakening & Activation


In this evening we will explore and experience together with beautiful sisters, goddesses and white witches what our souls & the collective energy wants to express, wants to show, has to tell us. We will share our stories and talk about various actual subjects what is present in our lives, to connect with our deepest truth & express our feelings on all levels of our being.


What is real, what is an old pattern or program? What wants to be transformed? Can you truly see yourself, can you truly accept the other, do you feel resistance somewhere, let's bring it all up in a safe space, where we all can be, in purity, in honesty, in openness. You are so welcome! Let's rise together!


After the launch, of the New Earth Goddess Connection, on February 2nd, it's time to gather and to bring our beings in circle again. April 6th is the right timing, it's during the new moon in Aries. Which asks us to slow down, because in that way all comes natural, on divine timing. New Moon Aries is a good time to start new personal projects, it's time to take action and full responsibility for your life path!


During this evening we will go into a deep soul activation & constellationwork. For (re)connecting to our soul path which we walk here on earth, this will be in combination with magical cards, which will give guidance, explanations of the subjects, reflections and insights <3



▶ Does your whole being vibrate by reading and tuning into this circle? Does your body tingle and your energy says a full YES to this? Don't hesitate and jump in, your goddess wants to be heard, appreciated and is ready for a bigger step into this New Earth frequency!


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▶ Included:

Soul Activation & journey


Magical Cards

Sound~Voice Activation







▶ What to bring:

* Your magical self

* Your instruments

* Some healthy snack

* 3 pieces of goddess clothing to exchange (give away/share)

always good to share with each-other... true sisterhood <3


▶ What to wear:

* Your Goddess dress


▶ Investment:

22 euro


▶ Book a bed:

For Goddesses who live further away, there is a possibility to stay the night. Please send me an email to book a bed and ask me for more information.


New Earth ~ Goddess Connection ~ Feminine Awakening & Activation // April 6th

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