Moon Cup & Blue Moon Bottle 


A beautiful way to connect more with the flow & blessing of the woman's body. It is a cheaper way, a non-toxic way and healthier way to use during your period, in stead of tampons or pads. 


Use & cleaning:

The Moon Cup you can use for many of years, providing that you clean it properly. After normal bleeding, just wash it under hot streaming water. After heavy bleeding, first clean it with hot streaming water. Then you can boil some water and put some fresh lemon inside, take the pan of the stove and let the cup in the water for a while. After that clean it again under streaming water. Do this at least 2 times during period.


How to use:

Fold the cup, like a U-vorm. Bring it in, let it open inside and turn one or two times around the cup with your finger, to place it properly.



You can keep the cup in for maximum 12 hours, depending on the heaviness of your period. Recommendation is to check in between 6-8 hours.


How to remove:

With clean hands, gently squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the seal then slide the cup out.



With this Moon Cup-package, you will receive an empty blue moon bottle, you can use this to empty the blood inside. During or after your period, you can do a little ceremony with some candles, crystals and music. Then you give your blood back to Mother Earth, so it will be re-used and you can release your energy from the last moon-cycle. A new cycle starts with fresh energy. To do this monthly, it brings a beautiful connection with your body, the moon and the earth.


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Moon Cup & Blue Moon Bottle (Women's Product)

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