Alignment & Activation Ceremony with Rapeh Medicine and Sound Therapy on the 30th of March.

Let's activate ourselves and bring our full being into the circle. Feeling our full potential, so we can live from the heart and speak from our souls ♥

We welcome you to Diever, Drenthe. Here we will provide a beautiful space for you to feel at home, be guided and held through your processes in life. With our assistance, the medicine and sounds we will work together with you to open doors to your own soul. To feel, see and experience yourself on a deeper level. The whole night is guided with drums, didgeridoo, kailani & medicine songs.

The sacred plant medicine, "Rapéh".
This medicine comes from South America, made by tribes from the Amazonian jungle, who are working with plants surrounding them and have ancient knowledge of it from their ancestors. (More info below)

❆Who is guiding:
Aurora's Light co creates this ceremony, with beautiful spirits, who will hold space and will take you on a journey with drums, didgeridoo and other beautiful instruments. You will be lifted by sacred songs and receive a personal healing whenever needed.

The team works together for three years now and is a collection of people who practice high vibrational energetic healing, Reiki or have a medical background. Besides that, we have enthusiastic musicians that love to bring you in states of deep release and light bliss.

The ceremony will be held in Diever (Drenthe). The location is an amazing farm in nature. It is a beautiful environment and the energy is set already on the land. So please feel welcome and safe to open up and be carried by us and the spirits of the land.

We will begin with opening the circle and everyone can share their story and intention for the new year.

We will meditate and do a deep soul activation, to bring all our purest energies into the circle to connect.

Then asking the spirits of the directions and the medicine to come & join our circle, we will give respect to the medicine and sing some songs.

Then the sound therapy will start while we serve the medicine. You can bring yourself in deep meditation, to focus on your intentions and free yourself from other input from outside. To really listen to your inner voice that will speak to you. Be carried by the drums & didgeridoo, feel the depth inside yourself. It will be a journey within your soul.

After some deeper moment, we will also go to the angelic realm with some light & playful sounds and we will sing together some songs. During the ceremony you could receive 1-1 healing, if needed.

Please bring your special, magical, sacred amulets, crystals or symbolic attributes to put on the altar. It represents your energy in the circle of people and in the same time you will reload these items during the ceremony! ♥

Potluck after ceremony, share some fruits and other foods. After a moment of fasting, you will appreciate and observe the sensations & taste of the food so much more.

If you would like, you may bring your instruments/drums, we will create space for you to play along.

The exchange for this Ceremony & the medicine will be €88,-
The healing ceremony will take approximately; 7 hours.
Included staying the night

After the ceremony it's really nice to stay the night, because of deep processes, tiredness and it's going to be in the night when we finish. Also if you want to talk about your experience there is space for it.

We have several rooms with beds and matrasses.
Please email Aurora for more information, if needed.

❆ Information
Just send an email to

For making a reservation for your place in the circle, follow this link to book your spot & bed:

**Only 12 spots available**

Aho, see you soon beautiful ones! ♥
Much love...

Aurora Anne Eggens, Jochem Tonko de Wind, Alex Potter, Lucas Lalleman, Tessa Schiebroek

Read below, more information about:
- The Rapéh medicine
- The Healing & Sound team.

Alignment & Activation Ceremony with Rapeh & Sound Medicine // March 30th

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